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Tree Top Walk situated in the Walpole-Nornalup National Park is the spectacular Tree Top Walk. The Tree Top Walk is a canopy walk constructed through the tingle forest canopy at the Valley of the Giants. The Tree Top Walk is a series of sixty metre lightweight steel trusses built on steel pylons forming a secure ramp which rises slowly whilst the terrain below falls away to a deep valley. At it’s highest point the 600 metre loop structure is about 40 metres above the forest floor. The Tree Top Walk is suitable for assisted wheelchairs. A DPaW Ranger can conduct a student centred activity at the site, prior arrangement (one month) required though please. Cost on application. Ancient Empire - Valley of the Giants The Valley of the Giants site includes a boardwalk through a grove of veteran tingle trees known as the Ancient Empire. This area contains the Giants for which the forest was named. Some of the trees are up to 16 metres in circumference at the base. The boardwalk meanders around and sometimes through the old trees. As well as giving visitors a different perspective on the shapes, sounds and movement of the forest the boardwalk is designed to protect the tingle trees from the damaging impact of large numbers of visitors. The first section of the Ancient Empire is suitable for assisted wheelchairs.  

More information in the Nearer to Nature Teachers Guide.



A must do tour of the Walpole Inlet. WOW Wilderness Cruises was initiated as a family partnership in 1994 between Ross and Marion Muir and their son Gary Muir.  WOW primarily operates a daily guided journey into the heart of the Walpole Nornalup National Park in the south west of Western Australia.   The tour incorporates a boat cruise and an interpretive experience into the Nuyts Wilderness Area.  Ross and Gary's role is to provide an enjoyable interacting experience that generates understanding, appreciation and stewardship of the environment for a wide range of visitors.  Cost on application and bookings essential.

More information on their WOW Wilderness site.




Just under two hour drive from Pemberton Camp School is the magnificent caves to explore.  There are 3 different caves to choose from.  All 3 caves have a great specialised educational presentation, time to examine the display and finally explore the cave. Mega Fauna - Mammoth Cave, Biodiversity – Jewel Cave - Climate Change – Lake Cave. For more information visit While down in the beautiful Cape Leeuwin region after exploring the caves head over to Augusta to have your lunch on the beautiful banks of the Blackwood River, then visit the lighthouse for the great presentation on early Western Australian history and explore the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. Cost on application.  Click here for more information.



Students will learn of the first sightings of the Cape by European ships that sailed this rugged coast and of the importance of this site in Australia's maritime history. The Lighthouse is the oldest continuous weather recording station in Western Australia. Students will then have a private tour to the top of the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse where they can gaze out to the meeting point of two great oceans.    Stories of the life of the early settlers and lighthouse keepers are unveiled and brought to life against this iconic backdrop. The Lighthouse is open every day of the year, except Christmas. The tour will last approximately 2 hours—this includes tour of the lighthouse. Cost on application.  Click here for more information.




The Sculpture Walk is the first walk trail within Australia to permanently feature specially commissioned artworks from a range of different art forms. Sculpture, music, writing and photography has been developed by nationally and internationally renowned creative personnel and reflects the social, cultural and environmental heritage of the Southern Forests region. The 1.2 km walk circuit showcases the awe-inspiring Karri, Jarrah and Marri forest of the Northcliffe Forest Park. Sculptures are located at varying intervals along the trail, with poetry, prose, storytelling, photography and music appearing in associated publications and audio tours. Cost on application.  Click here for more information.



Some 15 kms south of Northcliffe, this massive granite outcrop rises high around surrounding flat lands. An easy climb/walk to the summit with views to the Southern Ocean. Discussion of Karri forest ecology and geology of region, bird watching, wildflowers, fungi and forest frogs in season. A Ranger talk can be arranged, prior notice (one month) required please. Click here for more information.



Some 60 kilometres south of Pemberton this small fishing and holiday village derives its name from strong Polar Maritime winds blowing over the coast year round. Good swimming bays, scenic beaches and coastal landforms. This visit is best done in conjunction with a Northcliffe tour and generally takes the whole day. Many activities suited to summer and winter can be undertaken.

The Tookalup Walk from Point D’Entrecasteaux to Tookalup meanders through the heath following the edge of the magnificent cliffs overlooking the Southern Ocean is wonderful. There is a walk from the Settlement to the lighthouse going via Cathedral Rocks. You can start from the lighthouse and walk down to the settlement with spectacular views. Beachcombing: Discussion of intertidal zone and coastal & heathland ecology. Exploring intertidal zone and rockpools, discovering the difference between seaweeds and seagrasses, and the variety of molluscs & other creatures found in the Southern Ocean. Geology of region, bird watching, orchids, wildflowers, reptiles in season.  Click here for more information.