Activity Programs - Overview of Activities & Program

We at Pemberton Camp School are available to discuss and help plan your program, to ensure all your educational outcomes are achieved.  Please take advantage of our many 'camp run' programs that are inclusive in your fees.  The exception to this is our specialised programs being Mountain Biking, Canoeing and Rafting (subsidised price on application) and any External Provider Excursions undertaken (market price).  

Programs we specialise in are:

  • Year 6 Camps - our main user group
  • Leadership Camps - Years 6-12
  • Specific Year group or Subject Camps
  • Team Building, Initiative, Self-esteem and Trust Activities
  • Environmental Education 
  • Outdoor Education Activities
  • Specialised Mountain Biking - this is our premier program (Subsidised Fee Charged)
  • Canoeing and/or Raft Building (Subsidised Fee Charged)

Excursion Management Plans for Pemberton CS programs are available from the downloads page. There are a large number of activities and excursions which can be accessed from the camp school.

Information is provided to assist in planning your camp, however, prices for activities and excursions, especially external ones, are available on request once your draft itinerary is completed.

Note: Educational groups are exempt from entry charges for National Parks in the Pemberton region for educational purposes. All other groups are required to pay park fees.