Activity Programs - Mountain Biking


Pemberton Camp School offers a Specialist Mountain Biking program.

This program has a selection of rides on offer with the most popular rides in the Pemberton Mountain Bike Park amongst the Karri forest overlooking the Pemberton Pool adjacent to the Camp School on the western side of the town.

Developed from the 2007 concept plan the park has a number of mountain bike tracks.  Other rides are located at Big Brook Dam, Warren National Park, Rainbow Trail, Northcliffe and Manjimup and are suitable for different abilities and year groups.  The Munda Biddi Trail is the long distance trail with many different options and another is TrailsWA.

Student feedback we receive include: "awesome; amazing experience; great; more jumps; best part of the camp; mountain biking is great, Mountain Biking 10/10!"

Mountain bikes and helmets are available at Pemberton Camp School. This activity fee is available on application.  

For more detailed information see our Mountain Biking Booklet.

To assist in your planning we provide Excursion Management Plans as per Department of Education requirements.